LiteStep v. 0.24.6 documentation

written by the LiteStep Documentation Effort, August 2000

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What does hotkey.dll do?
Hotkey.dll allows you create your own keyboard shortcuts, similar to those used in Explorer to open the Run dialog box (Win+R) or to minimize all windows (Win+M). However, Hotkey.dll gives you total control over your keyboard shortcuts, which can be used to execute any LiteStep !Bang command or external application. Remember that the built-in Explorer shortcuts, such as those mentioned above, will not automatically work in LiteStep, but that they can be easily duplicated.

Hotkeys provide faster and easier access to common tasks such as program execution, desktop navigation, and window manipulation while not taking up any screen real-estate.

Syntax for adding Hotkeys with Hotkey.dll
*Hotkey [Modifier Key] [Main Key] [Action]
[Modifier Key] Valid Modifier Keys are the "Win", "Ctrl", "Alt", and "Shift" keys. These Modifier Keys may be used in any combination by using the addition character, "+". Please do not attempt to use the Shift Key as your only Modifier Key, you will not like the results.
[Main Key] Valid Main Keys are a-Z, 0 - 9, Up, Down, Left, Right, Num0 - Num9 (Keypad Numbers), Apps (the Windows right-click key), F1 - F12, Space, PageDown, PageUp, Escape, Insert, Delete, Home, End, Pause, Tab, Enter, Add, Mul (Multiply) , Div (Divide) , Sub (Subtract), and Dec (Decimal Point).

Note: The "a" and "A" are considered to be the same key by this type of module.

[Action] Any Windows executable (such as files with extensions .exe, .bat, .com) or any LiteStep !Bang command.
Step.RC Syntax for hotkey.dll
HotkeyNoWinKeyPopup [BOOL] This stops the Popup menu from appearing when you press the "Win" key by itself.
HotkeyLoadExplorerKeys [BOOL] LiteStep will automatically load any Explorer hotkeys associated with the shortcuts (.lnk files) in your Start Menu.

Note: This may slightly increase the length of time required for LiteStep to complete a !Recycle or finish loading on startup.

Examples of Valid Hotkeys
*Hotkey Win R !Run Opens the Windows Run dialog when you press the Windows Key and R.
*Hotkey Win+Ctrl r !Run Opens the Windows Run dialog when you press the Windows Key along with the Control Key and R.
*Hotkey Alt+Shift Num1 !about Opens the LiteStep !About dialog when you press Alt, Shift, and the number 1 on the keypad.
*Hotkey Win+Ctrl+Alt+Shift End !execute [explorer.exe][!recycle] This hotkey will open the Explorer File Manager and pause a !Recycle, demonstrating the flexibility of Hotkey.dll by using all possible Modifier keys and multiple Actions. For more information on pausing a !Recycle and scripting events, refer to the LiteStep Page.
*Hotkey Win Up !VWMUp This will move up one Virtual Desktop when you press your Windows Key and the Up Arrow.
*Hotkey Win Apps !Popup This will bring up the Popup Menu when you press the Windows Key and the Applications Key.
*Hotkey Win Space !Refresh This will !Refresh LiteStep when you press the Windows Key and the Space Bar together.
*Hotkey Win Num2 !VWMDesk 2 This will switch to your second Virtual Desktop when you press the Windows Key and the Number 2 on your keypad.
*Hotkey Ctrl+Alt F7 !VWMDesk 7 This will switch to Virtual Desktop 7 when you press Control, Alternate and F7.
Examples of Invalid Hotkeys
*Hotkey R !Run This Hotkey contains no Modifier Key.
*Hotkey Win+R !Recycle The "+" only goes between Modifier Keys, not between Modifier Keys and Main Keys.
*Hotkey Win W c:\Program Files\Winamp\Winamp.exe Quotes are required around the Action, because there are spaces in the path.
*Hotkey Shift+Ctrl+Alt r+Up !Recycle Multiple Main Keys are not yet supported by Hotkey.dll.
*Hotkey Win Ctrl R !Refresh This Hotkey does not have a "+" between Modifier Keys.