LiteStep v. 0.24.6 documentation

written by the LiteStep Documentation Effort, August 2000

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LiteStep Development
While LiteStep is an Open Source project, there is a central group of programmers called the Development Team who are continually improving and streamlining the code, as well as adding new features. Occasionally this code will be released as a Development Build. Development Builds are updated and temporary distributions of LiteStep and its core modules. These builds are considered to be unstable and are intended for advanced users only.

Development Builds are important for the Development Team to locate and repair any bugs or problems that may arise as new features are added. Irregularities in the release schedule of Dev Builds are natural and to be expected, as the Development Team are all volunteers donating their free time. History has shown that the speed of LiteStep development fluctuates over time. Just because development is slow at any particular time does not mean LiteStep is dead, as oft-proclaimed.

If you decide to use a Development Build, make sure you back up your currently working configuration, as it is a very real possibility that the new build will not work. If you have problems with a Development Build, send an e-mail to the Dev Team at, with the following details: build number, operating system and a list of the modules you are using.

To obtain more information about the DevTeam go to

The current LiteStep Development Team members are:

   Headius - Charles Oliver Nutter
   Maduin - Kevin Schaffer
   Message - Bobby G. Vinyard
   NeXTer - Joachim Clavert
   noodge - Dustin Williams
   Chaku - Richard Lin
   cccp - Zakhar Arushanov

Current LiteStep Development Team members on Break:

   Murphy - Torsten Stelling
   grd - Gustav Munkby

Previous LiteStep Development Team members are:

   c0mrade - Kirill Arushanov
   geekMaster - Lowell Heddings
   Visigoth - Shaheen Gandhi
   ender - James Brown
   Warren - Warren Konkel
   MHolmesIV - Bryan Kilian
   TheMAN - Edwin Man
   eze - Peter Edwards
   nivenh - Brandon S.
   snowchyld - Drew Chylds
   jugg - Chris Rempel
   LoneRunnr - Francis Gastellu
   Fahim - Fahim Farook
   Floach - Brandon Williams
   Webba - Brad Webb
   Sehnsucht - Jonathan Vaughn
   mian - Damian Hodgkiss
   AnTi_MTtr - Marlon West
   Toasty - Chad Boyda
   Cael - Josh Devens
   Furan - Ian Hanschen
   Gargamale - John Charles Olson Jr.

The current LiteStep Documentation Effort Team members are:

   noodge - Dustin Williams
   DeViLbOi - John Mc Graw Jr.
   ondioline - Daniel Massey
   dreamer - David Fraser
   jalist - Steve Dunstan
   rootrider - Joel D. Parker
   demigod - anonymous
   ksr - Kelly Rabourn